Kosi Bay Fish Traps

The local Thonga (the Tembe community) have a rich and fascinating history. Kosi Bay is famed for the traditional, woven fish traps and palisade kraals used by the community for well over 700 years – a skill passed down from generation to generation. The palisade fish kraals consist of a guide fence that curves in towards a fish trap, allowing fish easy entry but no escape. The traps are designed for small fish to escape, so there’s no major impact on the thriving fish population.

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Kosi Bay is one of the most biodiverse regions where you can actually experience it up close with many reserves in the region from big 5 Thembe Reserve to the Kosi Lake system where you can view Hippo and amazing water birdlife. The Accommodation is rustic with many lodges offering camping as well in the sand forests in the region.

There are more activities one can do here than anywhere especially on the lakes from Fishing to 3 lake boat cruises to Sundowners. Join some of the locals on guided hikes through the region across the lakes on makeshift rafts to the stunning beaches at Banga Nek. Contact the lodges in the region as we add them here to see what activities they have or contacts that you will be able to make use of while here.

Kosi Bay region

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