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Website design - We currently manage the website and offer the following to businesses in the region :

  1. 1.A listing on the main pages of the various activities, accommodation, services etc. in the region from At Lucia to Santa Maria, Mozambique. Select Accommodation Tab as an example...

  2. 2.Each main page also has an optional animated banner advert, which is offered at R 650/annum and consist of 5-7 images that are animated to give the client a better idea of what you are offering. Select Activities or Leisure Tab to get a better idea of these adverts and which are still available.The main website page has an once off animated banner advert at R1,500/annum and the info site once off for R1,000/annum. There are a few more available so please contact us for details on

  3. 3.A Page advert is also available @ R450/annum to enable you to give a brief quick synopsis on a single page of what you are offering. A Once off Design charge of R150 also applies to new pages. If the client wants more information they are directed to your main website if you do have one of course. This is a nice option for this not needing a complete website. This also includes a free email address of your choice eg. we also connect your Facebook page and even create a page if you need one. Facebook pages are great for targeted advertising and are very effective in raising awareness and Likes for your page. 

  4. 4.Email Marketing of Elephant Coast Africa Website specials if you are involved in any of the promotions we run on a regular basis.

  5. 5.We also have a main sponsor, which is offered on a per annum basis giving your company advertising on the footer at the bottom of each page. The main sponsor is also included in all marketing activities including email newsletter free of charge. R2,500/annum - 3 year contract.

These pages are designed to work efficiently with smart phones, iPads/Tablets and will be marketed extensively in the future at the border and in various venues in the region.

For more information and a quotation please contact us on 

If you would like a full website designed for your company please contact for a quotation.

Some of the marketing options for you